HH RADIO NEWS: We hope y'all enjoyed our April 17th program, and that you'll tune in 
again on April 24th for the next edition of The Haggard & Haggard Radio Hour.......... S.H.

SOME COMMENTS FROM OUR LISTENERS:          click here for playlists

"I've got your show on my calendar and listen most every week. Great radio! Lovin' it."
- Rod B. (Huntsville, AL)

"I love the show, definitely a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dusty attic."
- Dennis P. (Nashville, TN)

"Kudos on your radio broadcast! I enjoyed the music, as well as the trivia... Keep up the good 
work, all of you!!"
- Dawna S. (Muncie, IN)

"Very Cool Show! Great listening and I've learned a lot about music from y'all. I can't listen 
at work, but I catch the repeat most Saturday inghts. Keep on keepin' on!"
- Karen W. (Franklin, TN)

"Just started listening now that Radio Free Nashville is citywide. Haggard & Haggard is what
radio oughta be like. Fun to listen to, and what great music y'all are playing."
- Jason B. (Nashville, TN)

"Couldn't resist dropping a line to let you know your wonderful eclectic musical mix is being
heard live and clear all the way across the Atlantic... in England. Sounding good, folks, keep up
the good work!"
- Jacquie Y. (Worthing, England)

"You guys have a great show there - playin' stuff other stations aren't playing - very cool."
- Steve N. (Anaheim , CA)

"Thanks for this very interesting radio program".
- Les K. (Nashville, TN)

"We just wanted to thank you for featuring Clay McClinton and his new CD, Livin' Out Loud,
on your show today. We've received lots of responses and we appreciate the support." 
- Brandy A. (Lakeway, TX)

"I always look forward to your show. Such a great hour of listening. You've introduced me to so
many different wonderful artists, and I love the 'banter'."
- Robbie M. (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada)

"First time I tuned in... very good job, you sounded great!"
- Ron R. (Ocala, FL)

"I enjoyed the show as always.  I'd heard the Dylan version of "Sally Sue Brown" but had never heard the original. Pretty cool."
- Mike O. (Murfreesboro, TN)

"Great show once again!!! I'll be tuning in next week (on my iPhone as usual)!"
- Wendy M. (West Des Moines, IA)

"You guys have a great show going on!"
- Tony G. (Nashville, TN)

"We have a Nashville area connection and try to visit once a year... we also keep in touch thru
Radio Free Nashville. 'The Radio Hour' is great, we love the selections and are hearing all sorts
of music we were unaware of before." 
- Todd & Cindy M. (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)

"Great show... Mahalo!!"
- Rebecca S. (Hilo, HI)

"I am enjoying your show SO SO MUCH!!! ... I just dig how you know so so so much about music
and history! I dig this stuff!"
- Lisa Ann T. (Phoenix, AZ)

"I like the wide range of genre, that is rare in a radio show."
- Steve E. (Hendersonville, TN)

"Playing a personal mix of different types of music makes for the most entertaining, while surprising, radio joy. Very few stations do that in Germany, so please keep carrying that 
burning torch!"
- Stefan N. (Munich, Germany)

"Just got done listening to the inaugural radio hour here at the office. Nice job."
- Ron H. (St. Louis, MO)

"I listened to your show on Tuesday, first time. It was great! Cool mix of music, and
liked your guest's songs. I'm a big fan of Radio Free Nashville and listen online when I can."
- Dawn R. (Hermitage, TN)

"Enjoying the program from Minnesota...."
- G. Hoke (St. Paul, MN)

Steve welcomes your feedback, questions, requests and suggestions... so please free free to contact him at (And learn more about Radio Free Nashville here.) 

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