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"Steve Haggard is a Nashville treasure. One of the great country/folk/blues artists... Haggard
has parlayed his successful recording career into heading up his own label. Wild Oats Records
is regarded as one of the classiest independent labels around. So when Steve makes his own
new CD every three years or so, he enjoys complete artistic freedom... Love Conquers All is
another fine example of Steve's poetic, rootsy music."
   - Jess Marich / Shake! Magazine (USA) 

"Make Your Move, Steve Haggard's fourth project for Wild Oats Records, is one of the year's best country albums.  Besides being a fine singer,  Haggard wrote all but two of the 11 songs on the collection. His writing is intelligent without being annoyinglyclever, and he has a classic country feel for strong images and clear narratives. The production is first-rate, and the pickers convey the kind of back-porch enthusiasm that lifts a song out of the grooves and into the memory."
   - Edward Morris / Nashville Scene (USA)

"The combination of his expressive voice, well-crafted lyrics, and melodies written in a jambalaya of country, blues, folk, spiritual and rockabilly genres creates a memorable style."
   - Michelle B. Honick / American Songwriter (USA)

"The rockabilly/blues/country/honky-tonk ambience of Steve Haggard's fifth CD, Mysterious Ways, demonstrates all of his talents... One notes particularly his great hymn to the honky-tonks, "Home Is Any Honky-Tonk"... rockabilly ("El Camino"), a superb half-folk and half-country ballad with the flavor of the Rolling Stones at the dawn of the '70s ("Somewhere Down The Line") and a raw, fluid, remarkable blues ("French Quarter Blues")... a balanced and very successful CD."
   - Jacques Bremond / Le Cri Du Coyote (France)

"Steve Haggard is a rare talent in country music these days. Eschewing the pop and circumstance 
that tends to flow freely from Nashville like waste water into a river, Haggard mixes a blend of country, rock, blues, rockabilly, folk and Americana that is uniquely original and accessible. On
Love Conquers All, his sixth release on Wild Oats Records, Steve raises the bar a notch higher 
with a wonderfully warm roots album that is not to be missed. Haggard has a warm country 
voice and easy delivery that make him a pleasure to listen to... a musical maverick in much the 
same light as Lyle Lovett... Love Conquers All is what country music aspires to when it's not 
busy selling the latest pop sensation to MTV. Steve Haggard is what Nashville dreams longingly 
it could still be". 
   - Wildy Haskell / Wildy's World (USA)

"Long hailed as one of the brightest shining stars in Americana music, Steve Haggard has a style 
that is very different. You're going to hear a lot of country, but at the same time you will hear 
quite a bit of roadhouse blues, and it all comes off rather effortlessly. For his latest release, he definitely pulls things off in all musical directions once again. Take the opening cut, "Mysterious Ways Part III," for instance.  It's very aptly titled, as you do hear a veil of mystery throughout the song.  That style of music also shines through his take on Warren Zevon's "Renegade." Take note, this is not for Cookie-Cutters! Other standout cuts include the traditional country-flavored "Trust 
In Love," "Cheatham County Blues," and "Let's Have Another Glass Of Wine"... Steve Haggard is
very much his own man musically, and that shines all over this album!
   - Chuck Dauphin / Music News Nashville (USA)

"Nashville is flooding the market with new talents, who often sound like they've been produced on an assembly-line... There is rarely a genuine artist among them, but Steve Haggard is one of those exceptions who has preserved his individuality."
   - Gunzburger Zeitung (Germany)

"This guy is a major talent...  Quite simply, Make Your Move is wonderful. Filled with fine songs,
superb musicianship, and Steve's best singing yet,  this CD marks a giant step forward for "the
other Haggard"... the album takes the listener on a fascinating journey down the highways and
the byways of American music... so readers,make your move:  Get out there buy this CD !"
   - William Henry / American Music Journal (USA)

"Steve Haggard is a hard guy to categorize, as his music mixes and matches styles and genres. 
Which is one of the things that makes him such a great artist: he's a real original. And whether 
he's doing some southern-fried country, or a wailin' blues, or a sweet acoustic number, or a rockin' tune,he always delivers the goods. Steve has been living in Nashville for twenty years now, and is 
a thoroughly accomplished singer, songwriter, producer and musician (one of the best harmonica players I've ever heard ...and I've heard a lot of them). I've had a couple of his albums for years, 
and now he's got a new one: Love Conquers All, and it's simply a brilliant CD, filled with great playing, wonderful songs, and genuine, very emotional vocals. There's not a weak song on the CD, but my favorites at the moment are the powerful 'Mysterious Ways, Part III' and the stunning 
'Same Old Ghost'... If you're in search of a genuine artist and an original talent, I would strongly 
recommend you check out Steve Haggard."
  - Amy Anne Papineau / Rock 'n' Reel (England)

"There are so many great songs on (Love Conquers All) that I had a hard time deciding which one 
to add to my station's playlist.  I had to break my own rule and add two."
   - B.V. Smith / HonkyTonkJunkie.comRadio (USA)

"Thanks for the cut on 'Memphis.' You did me proud !"
   - Tom T. Hall / Member, Country Music Hall of Fame, and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (USA)

"Having played with some of the best singers and musicians around, I'm not very easy to impress, and when I hear about some new artist I'm often skeptical. But Steve Haggard impressed the hell 
out of me. He's got a raw original thing going. Very good singer, writes great songs (check out my
favorite, "Her Blue Eyes") and can rock with the best of them... If you're into people like Gram and Hank and Dylan and Fogerty, then Steve Haggard's music will be right up your alley."
   - Argyle Bell / Metro (USA)

"Country music with an edge, physically and emotionally...Steve Haggard's music evokes feeling
and reality, something sorely missing on radio today."
   - Kyle Christen / Cosmic American Music News (USA)

"Steve Haggard's sound (a potent blend of rockin' country, blues, rockabilly, folk and an occasional touch of bluegrass) is best described as 'American Roots Music'... He's received consistently good reviews. Well, he should... It's easy to see how Haggard has arrived at his high degree of crediblity.. Steve Haggard is certainly not one of the cosmetic phonies who dominate today's music world... Check him out. You'll be glad that you did."
   - Jess Marich / Rock 'n' Read (USA)

"Push Comes To Shove is an impressive collection of emotionally-charged honky-tonk country guaranteed to please even the most discriminating tastes... Don't pass this one up. It's terrific !"
   - Geri R. Fitchett / California Country News (USA)

"There's more to (Mysterious Ways) than just a straightforward country sound. It mixes a little grass-cutting, maybe a little rockabilly, and a little blues to boot. I was really impressed with 
(Steve's) harmonica playing that seeped through my speakers like moonshine through a still 
coil... high marks for musicianship and songwriting."
   - Bill Schlitz / Enigma Magazine (USA)

"Since 1992, I have enjoyed the music, singing and instrumental work of Steve Haggard. I was
informed months ago that he was recording Make Your Move, and now my anticipated wait for
some more good music has been rewarded... get a copy of this album,and hear the excellent work
of a fully-experienced international music man... 'Genius does what it must, talent does what it can.'
Until noticed."
   - Ian McQueen / Country Music News & Routes (England)

"The whole concert was a 'feast for the ears', and a thrill for me...  the crowd loved Steve's virtuoso harmonica playing."
   - Toni Metzler / CMC Switzerland News (Switzerland)

"An invigorating mixture of clever ideas, foot-stompin' rhythms and solid performances make Steve's latest CD a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. Just the right blend of proven and adventurous technique to give the album a fresh familiarity."
   - Allen Foster / Songwriter's Monthly (USA)

"Steve Haggard boasts a voice that is cool and impassioned, well-suited to ruminate on the pangs of regret... Rough Edge spotlights both his vocal and songwriting talents."
   - Walt Trott / Entertainment Express (USA)

"What an artist, what a singer, what a talent !... Make Your Move will make you move".
   - Pascal Paulin / Country Gazette (France)

"Rockin' bluesy country with plenty of punch and grit... It's hard to describe Steve Haggard's sound. There's a little Gary Stewart influence in Steve's singing, traces of Gram Parsons and Bob Dylan and
Townes Van Zandt, and some Sonny Terry and Sonny Boy Williamson in his wonderful blues harp playing... a real talent and an excellent live performer."
   - Vince Montgomery / The Sword (USA)

"We know Steve as a great performer with a splendid voice... Rough Edge lets us hear him as an excellent songwriter and a great singer."
   - Andre Vanoppen / Radio Maasvallei (The Netherlands)

"Ain't Life Grand? is a sort of career overview that includes songs from five of his prior releases...
The focus is more on the country side of the tracks, and Steve Haggard has some great country
cookin' going on... (Steve) still actually performs country music rather than the homogenized
country-pop favored by CMT and country radio these days. I suspect that in the late 1970s and
early '80s he would have been considered a certain future Country Music Hall of Famer... a step
back to a time when country music mattered."
  - Wildy Haskell / Wildy's World (USA)

"In this depressing Frankie Avalon/Fabian era of country music, artists with guts and feeling and originality have gotten all too rare. The music of Steve Haggard has all three qualities... Steve is a damn good singer, writes first-class songs, and sounds like nobody but himself."
   - Timothy Young / Country & Blues (USA)

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