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Since his first one back in 1991 -- a seven-week adventure in Sweden, England and Scotland -- Steve has done more than 55 overseas tours. ("I lost track at some point," he says, "but I'm pretty sure that I've actually hit 60 by now.") 

He has performed in 20 countries overall: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, England, Scotland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic & Israel; plus the USA (of course), Canada and Mexico. 

"I couldn't even guess how many gigs I've done," adds Steve, "but we've played basically every type of gig there is. Outdoors, indoors, big festivals, small clubs, concert halls, universities, little dives... even one opera house! Shows in major cities, small towns, festivals out in the middle of nowhere, ferries crossing the North Sea, barns, castles, racetracks & probably a few places I've forgotten." 

Steve Haggard and his band perform in Europe every year; plans are already underway for two overseas tours in 2011. 

"I've always loved to travel anyway," says Steve , "and music has given me the
chance to see all sorts of incredible places and meet a whole lot of interesting
people. I've gotten to swim in the Dead Sea, go down into an old copper mine in
Sweden, celebrate my birthday in several different countries, learn to speak a
couple of languages pretty badly, eat some very interesting foods, drink a lot
of good wine (some beer, too), perform for everyone from American soldiers
stationed overseas to a prince and princess, make a bunch of good friends,
and generally expand my horizons". 

Whether performing at a large open-air festival in Europe for an audience of 20,000+, or at a roadhouse in Tennessee for a smaller crowd, Steve and his stellar band always go all out... and put on a great, rockin' show!

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