Right after getting out of college in New York City in 1979 --
I even graduated, amazingly enough! -- I put together my first
"serious" professional band. We had a pretty good run, really,
and did about four years of clubs, beach bars, colleges, etc., in
the northeast. Like most bands, we broke up, at which point I
went back to California for a few years, then ultimately moved
to Nashville in 1989. These were my partners-in-crime. From
L-R: bass player Jeff Tanner, drummer Joe Attea, manager
Jeremy Jacob, me, lead guitarist Vin Leary. This photo was
taken at a band reunion we had in New York early in 2006...
it was the first time we'd all been together for over 20 years.
(Steel guitarist Paul St. Clair, who played with us for the last
two years of our existence, wasn't able to make the reunion.)