There's an interesting (?) story behind this photo.
In 2001, I released a CD called Mysterious Ways,
and one of the songs on there was titled "French
Quarter Blues". The first line was about standing
on the corner of Chartres and Toulouse Streets in
New Orleans. I thought it'd be good to use a photo
of me on that corner for the back cover of the CD.
So, since I'll use any excuse to visit New Orleans --
a city I've always loved -- I headed on down there and
had the picture taken. Well, this being the pre-digital
stone age, it developed (pardon the expression) that
something happened to the film and the photo didn't
come out. So the Mysterious Ways CD was released
without it. Anyway, in March of 2008, I found myself
down in New Orleans (my first visit since Hurricane
Katrina), and had the Chartres and Toulouse photo
re-shot. Well, I'm not sure if that was an interesting
story or not... but there it is.