The story of how I wound up performing in Israel is an interesting one.
(Well, to me at least.) In the late summer of 1999, I was on a plane to
Amsterdam, and just happened to sit next to a guy -- he had nothing at
all to do with the music business -- whose brother knew a guy who had
something to do with a festival in Israel. I gave him a CD, and promptly
forget all about it. Six months or so later, I got a fax from the Jacob's
Ladder Festival in Israel, and in May 2000 we headed for the Holy Land.
We were there for a week, and we had an incredible time. Among other
experiences, we swam in the Dead Sea; went to the top of the fortress
of Masada; and visited Jerusalem a couple of times, to see sights like
the Church of The Holy Sepulchre, and The Dome Of The Rock (which
is pictured above.) L-R: Joshua Goodman of the Jacob's Ladder Festival,
steel player Nils Tuxen, me, and lead guitarist Morten Donslund.