After finishing up college in New York City, I put
together a band -- my first real serious band, as
before then I'd played mostly solo and duo gigs --
and hung around for several years. During the
summers of 1981-83, we played pretty much
every Friday and Saturday night out on eastern
Long Island, in the small beach towns (Montauk
and East Hampton in particular) where everyone
from the city escaped for their weekend getaways.
We'd stay out there for the weekend, and always
had a great time. (Occasionally too good of a time!)
Sometimes we'd pick up a Sunday afternoon gig as
well... most often at the Sea Wolf, which is where
the photo above was taken. Located at a marina,
and run by a very nice guy actually named Wolf,
the Sea Wolf was an excellent place... although
it was sometimes pretty grueling playing out in
the hot summer sun.