Aside from all of the other great things about music, it's allowed me to
see places that I probably never would've seen, and have a whole lot of
interesting experiences. (Of course, there are also some pretty difficult
and sometimes downright unpleasant things about the music biz... but
that's another story.) Anyway, I especially like traveling to more unusual
places; those that are a bit off the beaten path. Playing over in Lithuania
in August 2007 was one of those particularly interesting trips. We did
gigs in the capital, Vilnius (where I'm seen relaxing at a cafe in the photo),
and played for 24,000 people at the really excellent festival held each year
in Visagino. Everyone we met was very gracious and helpful, and the whole
band -- Steve Haggard, Joel Alan Lehman & The Nashville All-Stars on this
tour -- had a great and memorable time.