The demo that Van sent us was quite rough; but even so, you could hear that he had a certain something. Down-to-earth, compelling songs. We got in touch with him, and after e-mailing with me for awhile, Van and his wife hopped on a plane and came to Nashville. Van cut four songs for us, and did a fine job.        - Steve H. 

Van writes:

After sending out my demo CD to various record companies, I was contacted by Wild Oats Records saying that they were interested in recording me for one of the CDs in their labelís"Singer/Songwriter Series". 

I was busting at the seams to jump on the next plane to Nashville, but wanted to check out Wild Oats Recordsí reputation and recording quality... so before making arrangements to travel from England to Nashville, I contacted a couple of artists who'd previously recorded 
with Wild Oats Records to get their opinions. 

I was given nothing but GREAT reviews. 

My experience in Nashville working with Steve Haggard, Gail Lloyd, Randall Merryman, John Kearns, Chris James and David Russell was AMAZING! 

I'm proud to be a member of the Wild Oats Records family, and highly recommend them...
Their main concern is making sure they produce professional, quality recordings! 


contact Van Almen at:

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