Steve Haggard : Testimonials

To read more about each artist's experience recording here in Nashville
with Steve Haggard and his stellar Wild Oats Records production team,
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GARRY JACKSON - An excellent artist with a soaring voice, Garry is from Canada, and has  worked with Steve for several years (and CDs) now. Jackson writes:"Steve Haggard is an exceptional producer... This man has a great sense of what is right for each and every song."

JOEL ALAN LEHMAN - A fine singer, songwriter and musician originally from Texas, Joel has
worked with Steve both in the studio and onstage. Joel writes: "His production was masterful!
The album turned out great, and has gotten great reviews and airplay from around the world.

ELLIOTT FRISBY - A first-rate singer, songwriter & stage performer, Elliott's career is booming 
in his native England. Elliott  writes: "I was delighted with my album 'Rusty Road'... one great element to Steve is that he will listen to your ideas... It was the best move I could have made!"

GLENN FRENCH - A very talented singer/songwriter from Connecticut, Glenn has recorded two  CD projects with Steve. He writes: "Steve is a great producer, he really cares about the songs and the artist... and the final product is something I will cherish forever."

KIMBERLY KING - Kimberly is an original vocal stylist and songwriter who lives in Nashville. She writes: "I was very impressed... a truly mystical experience to watch and listen to Steve in the studio. He's a great producer... My expectations, which are high, have been exceeded."

THE  TAVSON BROTHERS - This progressive country band is led by Canadian songwriter Trent
Tavson. He writes: "I ended up recording 46 songs over a three-year period because of Steveís
awesome talent... all radio-quality... Steve has a natural ability to breathe magic into the music." 

KENNY McGEORGE - Kenny recently completed his second recording project with Steve: his
brand-new album, Go All In. He writes: "Steve is a great producer who will get the most out
of you and your songs... I can't wait to be recording with him again!"

ASHLEE CHOATE - The talented Ashlee hails from a small town in Arkansas, and just recently did her first sessions with Steve: She writes:"An amazing experience. I was absolutely pleased with every aspect of the process...They did an awesome job of bringing my music to life."

CHRIS SEVERS - A fine singer/songwriter/musician from Virginia, Chris is a recent addition to Wild Oats Records. He writes: "All those expectations that I had going into it were completely surpassed by the excellent work of producer Steve Haggard... I also had a blast doing it!"

PETE LAMPRON - New Hampshire-based Pete creates thoughtful, often spiritual songs in a rockin' vein. He writes:"I've heard nothing that comes close to the professionalism and quality that fairly leaps from the work... Steve's production skills are exquisite... I'm sincerely thrilled." 

MICHAEL JAY CRESSWELL - Michael, a very talented singer/songwriter/keyboard player, came over to Nashville from France in 2009 to record his new album. Michael writes: "Working with producer Steve Haggard and his highly professional team was a great decision."

GIG MICHAELS - Gig is a powerful vocalist from So. Carolina. His fine music is best described
as Southern rock with soul. He writes: "Steve brought things together for me within the budget we had, and it turned out awesome... he is one of the few true straight-up people left in this biz. 

BILL CLARK - Michigan country singer Bill Clark has done a pair of fine projects with Steve.
Bill writes: "The Wild Oats Records team does an excellent job. I was completely 100% satisfied
... Steve is not only a great producer, but has become a good friend... He does a terrific job."

GAIL LLOYD - Talented Gail Lloyd formerly led Nashville's Gail & The Tricksters, and is now a
solo artist. She writes: "Steve Haggard is an incredibly gifted, indeed masterful producer... he
has that rare ability to bring it all together on many levels...a great instinct for arranging songs."

DAVID BATES - David Bates lives in southwest Virginia, and recently recorded his first project
with Steve Haggard. David writes: "The best way to describe my experience... is 'Excellent'. 
The best people, a  perfect mix of sound, great creativity, and total satisfaction."

DAVID JAMES - David is an award-winning country Texas artist who has had two CD projects produced by Steve. He writes:"As a songwriter and  performer, I demand the best, and I have found it at Wild Oats Records... the end results were first-rate all the way." 

PETER ADZIMA - Peter Adzima lives up in Massachusetts, and writes some excellent material.
Peter writes: "I canít say enough about Steve Haggardís work as a producer. He knew how to
take my songs to another level... My time in the studio was, in one word, wonderful."

BRADLEY C. WILLIAMS - A talented country-rocker, Bradley C. came all the way from southern California to work with Steve. He writes: "Steve Haggard is a master producer, a visionary who gave life to my music. Did I get my money's worth ? NO, I got more than my money's worth." 

BOB TYLER - Bob is a superb singer/songwriter/musician whose songs range from pop to rock 
to country. He writes: "Real musicians who like to make real music. They got great players to
record my demos, and producer Steve Haggard knew how to get the best out of them." 

SHOTGUN ALLEY - "Country with a metallic edge" describes Shotgun Alley from Illinois. Marty Gibson writes: "With Steve's production and Eric's engineering skill, our sound was captured and not sterilized...Steve was very open to our ideas... we're all very pleased with the results." 

BILLY F. OTIS - A singer/songwriter/harp player from the DC area, Billy has had several of his CD projects produced by Steve. He writes:"If you are ready to experience recording in a truly professional setting, with a great production team, Oat Central is definitely the place to record." 

JEFF CALLAHAN - Jeff hails from New Jersey, and is talented and original singer/songwriter.
He writes: "The first reaction that I receive from listeners to my album focuses on how well- produced the recordings are. I am in total agreement... I cannot imagine recording elsewhere."

MARK & BILL BOROSKA - Michigan's songwriting Boroska brothers, Mark & Bill, collaborate on
some excellent stuff. Mark writes: "A terrific experience. Steve and the gang were friendly, fun and FABULOUS... Great Music. Fair price. No BS. Works for us!" 

VAN ALMEN - Van is a Colorado -based singer/songwriter with a down-to-earth style all his own. Van writes: "I'm proud to be a member of the Wild Oats Records family and I highly recommend them... My experience in Nashville... was AMAZING."

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