Trent is from western Canada, and is a really good songwriter. And his younger brother Troy -- who lives here in Nashville -- just happens to be an excellent singer. Together, they form the core of the Tavson Bros. Band.  (Theirs is
a true stranger-than-fiction, separated-at-birth story!) One of the things I enjoy about Trent's stuff is that while it's catchy, radio-friendly and full of strong hooks, there's usually something different and interesting melodically and/ or rhythmically in his songs. From a producer's standpoint, working on his songs is very satisfying, because they don't all sound the same, and there are several directions in which you can go.                                                     - Steve H.

  Trent Tavson writes: 

 I had never heard of the ‘other Haggard’ (Steve) until I pitched
him a song for Bill Clark, who he was producing. Bill recorded
the song, and I instantly took a liking to Steve because of his
great sense for good music regardless if it was in or out of 
"the box"... 

I eventually decided to do several songs with Steve to try him
out. In the end, my brother Troy and I ended up recording 31
songs over a two-year period because of Steve’s awesome talent
as a producer. The results were all radio-quality.

Steve has a natural ability to breathe magic into the music that
he is presented with, creating great songs and still being true to
the original version. His attention to detail and his genuine
interest in good music instead of just whether a song fits the
current mold, is an inspiration.

Steve, his lovely wife Gail, and the rest of the Wild Oats
Records crew/musicians made me feel at home in Nashville,
and produced a radio-quality recording which I'll always be
proud to be a part of.

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