Bradley C. Williams made the long trip from California to Nashville to record his project with us. Being quite a character, he fit right in with what I like to call the "slightly dysfunctional Wild Oats Records family". Bradley's music is a nice blend of country and rock, with a West Coast flair. I like to work with artists who don't sound like everybody else, and he fits that description.       - Steve H.

Bradley writes: 

                                  I can't say enough about Steve Haggard and the Wild Oats Records 
                                  team. My experience with Team Oat has been very satisfying and 
                                  very fruitful.

                                 After months of researching record labels in Nashville and elsewhere,
                                 I found that Steve and the rest of the crew at Oat Central were the only
                                 ones who really care about the artist and the music, and not just about
                                 the bottom line.

                                 Steve Haggard is a master producer, a visionary who gave life to my
                                 music. He was very patient and took the time to explain every aspect
                                 of the creative and recording process. Steve really made my recording
                                 sessions enjoyable, and it was a pleasure to go to the studio every day.

                                 The musicians selected for my sessions were top-notch. They made
                                 the music shine, and I was very impressed with their sheer talent 
                                 and professionalism.

                                 Without reservation, I would recommend Wild Oats Records, Steve,
                                 Randall and the entire Team Oat....

                                 Did I get my money's worth ? NO, I got more than my money's worth,
                                 something that is very rare these days.

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