Bill Clark
Bill Clark is from Michigan, and upon hearing a very rough demo of him,  I knew right away that
this guy could sing. He's got a very natural vocal style. Once we started working together, I found
that he had no studio experience at all; which was a surprise to me, because he handled the whole recording process effortlessly... and seemed like he'd been doing it for years. We did a four-song
project with Bill first, and later on I produced a full CD for him. A very talented singer.  - Steve H.

Bill writes: 

The Wild Oats Records team does an excellent job from start to finish. 

                          I was completely 100% satisfied with my finished product, and would 
                          recommend  Wild Oats to any and all musicians interested in recording. 

                          Producer Steve Haggard made me feel comfortable right from the get-go. 
                          He answered all my questions, listened to my suggestions, and he was very 
                          open-minded to how I felt and where I wanted to be. He does a terrific job 
                          helping you understand the process and how it works, and really goes out 
                         of his way to help you with what you're doing. 

                          Steve is not only a great producer but has become a good friend, and his 
                          entire team at Wild Oats Records, from engineering, producing, musicians, 
                          backing vocals, and so on, are top-notch. I am more than impressed with 
                          the talent he used on my project. 

                          I can't say enough about Steve Haggard and Wild Oats... they're the best ! 
                          I look forward to doing many more projects with them ! 

                          They're a bunch of really fun guys who do an absolutely wonderful job 
                          and handle themselves in a very professional way. 

                          Two Thumbs WAY UP !! 

                          -Bill Clark

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