Elliott Frisby called from England one day and said that he might be interested in recording with us in Nashville. Within days, he was on tour in Spain, I was on tour in Sweden, and so we traded long-distance calls and worked out a deal. As you can hear from his music clip, Elliott Frisby is an extremely talented guy. He's a fine singer, he writes really good songs, and is an excellent stage performer. He was also a pleasure to work with.  It's no surprise to learn that Elliott's career is going very well right now, and you'll no doubt be hearing a lot more about him. After his original sessions with us, Elliott returned to Nashville the following year and
we recorded his "Rusty Road" album here at Oat Central.                                                                                                         - Steve H.

Elliott writes:

                                Recording in Nashville had always been one of my dreams. I had worked 
                                 and performed with some fantastic musicians in the past and had created 
                                 some good recordings, but for some reason always felt slightly unsatisfied. 

                                 In my heart, I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to fulfill my 
                                 Nashville dream but in my mind I had one big problem: Where do I start? 

                                 After scanning the internet, I came up with some labels who I thought 
                                 would be perfect, but for some reason everyone was put aside except for 
                                 one independent label, Wild Oats Records... and it was the best move I 
                                 could have made. 

                                 Coming from England, I didn’t know what I was getting myself in for, 
                                 but the Wild Oats family (and I mean family !) dealt with everything 
                                 in a professional manner which made me feel right at home even before 
                                 I even got there! 

                                 Steve Haggard produced my album, and apart from creating great ideas 
                                 he brought a lot of fun with it which gave every day something to look 
                                 forward to. 

                                 One great element to Steve is that he will listen to your ideas and will 
                                 understand where you want your music to go. That was very important 
                                 to me. 

                                 I was also very impressed that he didn’t go for the "let's just keep putting 
                                 more instruments on" approach. When it needed more there was more, 
                                 when it needed less there was less. Simple as that! 

                                 I am delighted with my album ‘Rusty Road’ and am so glad that I chose 
                                 Wild Oats to produce and record it. Not only did I have great sessions, 
                                 gain new experiences, and learn a lot about the music industry, I also 
                                 walked away with forever friends who I will always cherish. 

                                 "Long live Happy Hour!" (for all the Wild Oats family) 
                                  - Elliott Frisby 

                                              contact Elliott Frisby:  info@elliottfrisby.com

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