From 2001-2006, Gail Lloyd fronted an excellent rockabilly/jump blues band in Nashville called  Gail & The Tricksters, and I was fortunate enough to produce all three of the group's CD releases. (I also played in the band.) The Tricksters are no more, but left some fine music behind. - Steve H.

Gail writes:
(Updated March 2006)
It's been five years and 3 CDs since I recorded the songs that
                     would go on my first EP, "All Tricked Out", and it feels like I've
                     traveled many miles as a singer, songwriter and recording

                     However, my experiences have only underscored my feelings
                     and attitudes both towards Steve Haggard (who is an incredibly
                     gifted, and indeed, masterful producer) & the Wild Oats Records 
                     recording experience. 

                     Steve has that rare ability to bring it all together on many levels.
                     He does a lot of preparation beforehand, and he has the gift of
                     being able to envison just how the songs need to come together.

                     Being a songwriter as well as a vocalist, I want to comment on
                     Steve's exceptional ability at making the vocal stand out as the
                     centerpiece of a musical arrangement. Whether it means sitting
                     with the singer and going over singing technique/phrasing, etc.,
                     prior to recording, or picking players who complement a singer's
                     musical style, Steve always goes the extra mile.

                     He has a great instinct for arranging songs so the listener's ear
                     is drawn to the meaning of the words being sung. 

                     Every time I step into the studio at Oat Central, I never fail to
                     enjoy the smooth-running and professional atmosphere.

                     Whether I'm just stoppin' in to catch one of the many artists at
                     work... or to record another song, I always find people having fun, 
                     cracking jokes, digging the vibe, and recording terrific, original-
                     sounding music.

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