I first became aware of Chris Severs when his manager up in Virginia sent me a demo of Chris doing a few cover songs. I liked his voice right off... and it turned out that he also wrote some very good stuff. Not long after that, he came down to Nashville and we recorded a CD project that I really like.                              Steve H.

Chris writes:

It has always been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to bring 

                            my music out to Nashville and have it professionally recorded.  But it 
                            had never happened untilI came into contact with Wild Oats Records. 

                            Ever since the first day that I spoke with Steve Haggard, the entire 
                            process has just been so smooth and easy! When I arrived in Nashville, 
                            I had some ideas and goals that I wanted to achieve with my music. 

                            Well, I can truly and honestly tell you that all those expectations that 
                            I had going into it were completely surpassed by the excellent work of 
                            producer Steve Haggard and his engineer Randall Merryman! 

                            Along with the unbelievable talents of the session players that played 
                            on the songs, the result was, that for the first time in my career, my 
                            music sounded exactly (if not better), than I ever thought it could! 

                            Not only did the recording process go well, but I also had a blast doing 
                            it! While working hard to get the music sounding the absolute best that 
                            it can, there is also a laid-back and fun atmosphere that goes along with 
                            everything that just adds that much more onto the entire experience. 

                            If you're looking for a producer and record label that settle for nothing 
                            but the best results possible, then Steve Haggard & Wild Oats Records 
                            are exactly what you are looking for! 

                            They've given me the opportunity to take a huge leap towards the 
                            professional musical career that I have always dreamed about. 

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