Glenn French is another artist I first produced for Wild Oats Records "Singer/Songwriter Series".
 I really like Glenn's music, and since then, I've produced two full-length CDs -- "Timeless", and his
excellent current CD, "Snowblind" -- for him. He's one of my favorite people to work with. - Steve H.

Glenn writes: 

                                  Steve Haggard makes me sing my best, and his sense of humor is second 
                                  to none. It's comforting to work with someone who cares about the music,
                                  and the individual as well. 

                                  As for the people who worked on my project, I can't compliment them 
                                  enough. The studio musicians were the best in the business. Randall 
                                  Merryman, the engineer, made operating the digital Radar system seem 
                                  like a walk in the park. The studio setting was comfortable, professional 
                                  and a great time. 

                                  Steve is a great producer, he really cares about the songs and the artist, 
                                  and he always has very creative and very interesting ideas. 

                                  My vocals never sounded better and the final product was something 
                                  I will cherish forever. And I've just finished working with Steve and the 
                                  Oat Central team on my new CD. 

                                  contact Glenn French at:

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