Ashlee Choate is from a small town in Arkansas. I was unfamiliar with her, but as soon as I heard   her voice, there was just something about it that I really liked. She's kind of a mix of folk, country and a little bit of rock, and I believe that a lot of people are going to enjoy her music.       - Steve H. 
                                                                                                                     Ashlee writes:

     I  was initially drawn to Wild Oats because of the unique mission they 
    have to keep music real and untainted. I am so appreciative of the fact 
    that they take the time to listen to unsolicited music by people -- such 
    as myself who do not have a lot of "connections" in the music business. 

    Recording with Team Oat  was an amazing experience. I was absolutely 
    pleased with every aspect of the process... Steve was so helpful guiding
    me through everything, from selecting songs to the actual recording. He 
    brought in amazing musicians who I felt totally honored to be working
    with, and they did an awesome job of bringing my music to life.

    Steve and engineer Andrew Hooker also made sure that I was happy
    with each and every step, and I felt they really helped me sing to my 
    best potential.

    While everyone was very professional, I really enjoyed the laid back 
    attitudes and atmosphere that I was surrounded by. I felt totally 
    comfortable, and had a complete blast... which is what I really feel 
    making music is all about.

    I really hope to work with Steve and the team at Wild Oats Records
    again in the future, and am so grateful to everyone who helped create 
    what I feel is a great project. 

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