David Bates sent us a demo, and upon listening, I heard a certain something that
 I really liked. About a month later, he drove down to Nashville from Virginia, 
 where he lives, and we recorded his first two tracks for our label. It's very good 
 stuff indeed, and David is not only talented, but is a cool guy.                  - Steve H.

David writes:

The best word to describe my experience with Steve Haggard and Wild Oats Records is "Excellent"

The best of people, a perfect mix of sound, great musical creativity and total satisfaction.  Wild Oats Records is the complete package; 

I believe every artist is looking for this kind of family atmosphere.  I hope to continue my relationship with my friend Steve and Wild Oats… as we build our future together.

- David Bates

contact David Bates at:  risetograce@yahoo.com


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