Joel and I first met for Happy Hour -- big surprise! -- and we hit it off right away; among other things, we had pretty similar musical backgrounds and tastes. He's a major talent, and his Pure Texan CD is a project that I'm particularly proud of. Since then, we've done a bunch of European touring together, and I'm looking forward to producing Joel's new CD very soon.         - Steve H.

Joel writes:

I first hooked up with Steve Haggard back in 2003, and recorded my second album,
Pure Texan, with him not long after that. His production was masterful! The album
turned out great, and has gotten great reviews and airplay from around the world.

With Steve's assistance and connections, I've also done seven European tours over the
last four years, most of which I have done with Steve... Germany, France, England,
Lithuania... and more on the horizon! 

Steve is a great producer singer, songwriter, and friend. It has been a pleasure to work
with him, and I look forward to whatever the future may hold for my music.

Get ready, Steve, it's time for me to go back in the studio! 

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