Jeff Callahan is a singer/songwriter from New Jersey. He has a very original style, more-or-less 
in the folk/Americana genre; writes excellent (and poetic) lyrics; has a really nice voice, and has been known to throw quite a few  interesting chords into his songs.  I produced Jeff's " haunts, havens and hollows" CD, which I'm glad to say has been very well-received.                - Steve H. 

Jeff writes:

                    I arrived in Nashville planning on recording only a three-song project. Based upon the 
                    sound quality of the recordings, which I feel is easily comparable to that of any major 
                    studio, and on the creativity and professionalism of the Wild Oats production team, 
                    I soon decided to record an entire CD. 

                    The cost of recording was very reasonable, and I would be surprised if one could find
                    a better deal with the same final outcome. 

                    Typically, the first reaction that I receive from listeners to my album focuses on how 
                    well-produced the recordings are, and I am in total agreement. 

                    Steve Haggard presented a great number of ideas for each of the tracks; many of which 
                    echoed my original thoughts for the material, and the rest I would never have dreamt of. 
                    Though a very talented and experienced producer, Steve constantly reminded me that I 
                    had the final say in each and every instance, and that I was not obligated to follow any of 
                    his suggestions. Never once do I recall having to exercise this right. 

                    Steve oftentimes went beyond the role of producer to draw the best performance 
                    from me and I definitely came away with the impression that my satisfaction with 
                    the recordings was truly his main concern. 

                     The session players that Steve had assembled for the project, I soon learned, were 
                     some of Nashville’s finest. I was extremely impressed with their dedication and their 
                     enthusiasm towards my project, constantly wanting to redo a certain lick or riff to 
                     capture their very best performance. 

                     In all honesty, I cannot imagine recording elsewhere. When the time comes to record 
                     another album, I am certain to contact the Wild Oats production family... for that is 
                     truly what it felt like, a family. 

                     Their love of music, and desire to assist singers and songwriters in the development
                     of their craft, transcends the business shadow that is oftentimes all too prevalent 
                     with other production companies. The two weeks that I spent in Nashville with the 
                     Wild Oats Records family still linger in my mind as one of my most memorable and
                     enjoyable experiences. 

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