Bob was referred to us by a good friend of mine, and came to Nashville planning to cut one song.
Things worked out so well that he wound up staying in town for an extra week,  and we recorded
demos of a couple more of his songs. Bob is a real talent... a fine singer/songwriter,  and a first-rate musician as well.  (And as I learned, he's also a really big fan of the Waffle House!)              - Steve H.

Bob writes:

  The staff at Wild Oats Records are real musicians who like to make real music.

  They got great players to record my demos, and producer Steve Haggard knew 
  how to get the best out of them.

  The result is that the tracks sound warm, acoustic and human... and how often do 
  you find that at a price you can afford ?

   I recommend them to anyone who wants to "keep it real". 

   -- Bob Tyler 

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