I've done a couple of separate CD projects with the Washington DC-based singer, songwriter and harmonica player Billy F. Otis. His musical style mixes roots-rock influences with straight-ahead Chicago blues, making for a drivin', very listenable sound. When producing Billy's songs, my goal
is to keep things basic and uncluttered, and keep the punch and the energy, while adding enough little touches here and there to make the tracks really come to life.                                             - Steve H.
Billy writes: 

                                 Now that my Nashville recording sessions are over, and I've had the
                                 chance to  reflect, I think I know why it was so completely satisfying
                                 and enjoyable.

                                  I stumbled across the Wild Oats Records website... I hit it and checked
                                  it out. And you know what ?  It seemed to good to be true. 

                                  What I found was an indie label that put tours together, actually pushed
                                  their artists and their product... with a philosophy that matched  mine:
                                 "Work hard, but make time for the three-hour lunch. I was floored !" 

                                  It began with Steve Haggard... I was treated like family.  It continued
                                  with the top-notch production staff and recording facilities... 

                                  And it didn't stop there. Wild Oats Records surrounded me with 
                                  consummate  professional players whose attention to detail and
                                  professional attitude assured me a quality production that I was
                                  more than satisfied with... and one that I would gladly do again.

                                   The players were killer... Steve & I spent time discussing the vocal
                                   approach, phrasing and timing, and he worked with me to get
                                   things just right.  ! 

                                    If you are ready to experience recording in a truly professional setting,
                                    with a great production team and players who'll help you sound your
                                    best, Oat Central is the place to record. 

                                    - Billy

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