I use session musicians on the majority of the projects that I produce, but Shotgun Alley is (or was, as they broke up awhile back) a self-contained band... so understandably, they wanted to have the band's sound come across 
on the CD. They handled all the guitars, bass and drums, and we used session players only for overdubs of some
 instruments not played by the band members; a fiddle here, steel there, etc. The goal was to keep the energy and edge of the band's live sound, but give their songs more structure and more interesting arrangements.   - Steve H.

                             Marty Gibson of Shotgun Alley writes: 

                              We're very enthused about our band's inclusion in the Wild Oats Records 
                              "New Artist Series" CD. Having just finished up our final mixes, we're all 
                               very pleased with the results. 

                               Our main concern about being "produced" by a label was that we would
                               lose the edge from our sound... but with Steve Haggard's production, 
                               our sound was captured, not sterilized. 

                               Steve was very open to our ideas about the production of our music 
                               and did not make us bend to fit the Nashville mold. All of this, plus 
                               hazelnut coffee, and occasional trips to Bongo Java, Circle K, and the 

                               What more could we ask for ?

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