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The following are just a few of the interviews that Steve has given in recent years. 

         This next one was conducted in Nashville by Vince Montgomery, and appeared 
        in the Winter 1998/99 issue of Renegade Newsletter. 

      You got back from Denmark three days ago, finished up a production project 
        for another artist yesterday, you did a gig here in town last night, you leave 
        for a tour of Germany in two days, you're busy writing songs for your fifth CD. 
        How do you find the time to do everything ? 

       Steve: Good question ! (Laughs.) Seriously, though, I like keeping busy. 
         And also, being involved in a lot of different things makes life more 
         interesting. With playing live, writing recording, producing other acts, 
         working on a lot of overseas stuff, helping to run the record label and 
         publishing company, I don't get bored, like I might if I did one thing 
         all the time. 

       You mentioned that you help run the record and publishing companies. 
         I find it interesting that  a creative guy like yourself -- a very talented 
         singer/songwriter/musician -- also knows all about the business side 
         of the music business. 

         Steve: Well, I just set out to play music, to sing, to write songs. I never 
           intended to get into the business part of it... I always say I learned the 
           business part strictly out of self-defense. I think that for any artist or 
           musician, the more you know about how the business works, the more 
           you can control your own destiny. 

         Your company, Wild Oats Records, has been very successful, especially 
           for an indie label. Why do you think that you've done so well in such a 
           tough industry ? 

         Steve: A lot of it has just been hard work and persistence, and taking 
           the time to learn how the business really works. I think that too many 
           independent artists and labels just never really learn the ins-and-outs 
           of  the business. They wind up wasting money, making bad decisions and 
           getting taken advantage of by some of the shady operators in the business. 

         Your current CD, Make Your Move, has done very well. I know that Ed 
           Morris, the country music critic for Billboard and the Nashville Scene, 
           called it one of the year's best country CDs. 

          Steve: Yeah, that was really, really helpful, because he's one of the most- 
            respected & well-known music journalists. We've also been fortunate in 
            getting Make Your Move licensed both in Europe and South America, so 
            we've got foreign labels doing all of the manufacturing and promotion  
            and distribution overseas. 

          You tour in Europe all the time, I know. 

          Steve: Yeah, it's been around five times every year... I've been doing it 
             since '91. It's great. I guess I've played in a dozen countries over there. 

          You've also been producing other artists, and helping them to get their 
            careers going. Tell me a little about that. 

          Steve: I really like producing. I like going into the studio and helping 
            to bring out the best in an artist. And not only musically... I work with 
            them to come up with a good career gameplan, to help them actually 
            get their music heard. 

          Last, but not least, your new CD. 

          Steve: I'll be recording it here in Nashville in the fall. Like my last couple 
            of CDs, it'll probably be nine originals and two outside songs... Country, 
            blues, all the usual stuff. 

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